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Warwick Public Schools

Philip Thornton, Ed.D, Superintendent

Warwick Public Schools
34 Warwick Lake Avenue
Warwick, Rhode Island, 02889

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First Student Now Hiring Bus Drivers


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(contracted firm dedicated to driving master facility planning in Warwick)

Final Compilation Report, October 19, 2015



"Introduction to the Master Planning Team, Process and Potential"

Who is Master Planning Warwick's Educational Future?

Comments to Ed Frenette,

Future Master Facility Planning Workshops to cover:

a. Report on the status of all elements of the report

  1. Demographics

  2. Education

  3. Facilities

  4. Capacity

  5. Outreach

  6. Traffic

  7. Cost

b. Investigate additional and improved criteria for evaluating alternative master plans

c.  Explore additional alternative master plans

d.  Begin determining the best master plan for the future of education in Warwick

Meeting Schedule:

a.  Tuesday, May 5th - Workshop and Open Session at Toll Gate High School Cafeteria, 7:30pm

b.  Monday, May 11th - Workshop and Open Session at Toll Gate High School Cafeteria, 6:30pm

c.  Wednesday, May 13th - Briefing for the Mayor and City Council at City Hall Council Chambers, 4:30pm

d.  Monday, May 18th - Workshop and Open Session at Toll Gate High School Cafeteria, 6:30pm

e.  Thursday, May 21st - Public Open Meeting at Veterans High School Auditorium, 6:00pm

f.  Wednesday, May 27th - Workshop and Open Session at Toll Gate High School Cafeteria, 6:00pm

g. NOTICE - SMMA Public Open Meeting at Pilgrim High School Auditorium, Thursday, June 4th - 6:00pm

h.  Monday, June 8th - Special School Committee Meeting at Toll Gate High School Auditorium, 6:00pm

i.  (Again, comments are encouraged)  Email comments to:

SMMA Minutes, May 5, 2015 Workshop

First Workshop Powerpoint, May 5, 2015

Current Working Work-Plan, May 12, 2015

Second Workshop Powerpoint, May 11, 2015

Second Workshop Meeting Minutes, May 12, 2015

Demographic Study

Capacity Analysis

First Mayor's and City Council's Briefing, May 13, 2015

Third Workshop Powerpoint, May 18, 2015

Outreach Workshop 3

Public Meeting Veterans High School, May 21, 2015

Public Outreach Veterans, May 22, 2015

Fourth Workshop Powerpoint, May 27, 2015

Outreach Workshop 4

Master Plan Powerpoint Edit, May 30, 2015

Master Plan Powerpoint and Document Edit Log, May 30, 2015

Public Outreach Pilgrim, June 4, 2015

Public Meeting Pilgrim High School, June 4, 2015

Warwick Master Plan, June 8, 2015

Outreach Workshop 5, June 10, 2015

Demographics Report

Cost Estimate

Traffic Observation Summary

Meeting Minutes Binder

Centralized Student Enrollment

Parent/School/Student Compacts 2015-2016

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PCAC - Parent Communication Advisory Committee

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VOWS -- Volunteers of Warwick Schools

School Building Committee

Warwick Special Education Advisory Committee
Questions, Concerns, Contact the Committee

Warwick Community Resource Guide

Warwick Wolves Cross Country and Track & Field

Cox Essentials Program

SMMA (contracted firm dedicated to driving master facility planning in Warwick)

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